Volume No. :   1

Issue No. :  3

Year :  2009

ISSN Print :  0975-4407

ISSN Online :  2321-5836


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Anti-Diarrheal Activity of Methanolic and Aqueous Extracts of Dillenia indica L

Address:   Yeshwante SB*, Juvekar AR1, Pimprikar RB2, Kakade RT2, Tabrej M2, Kale MK3 and Firke SD3
1Department of Pharmacology, Institute of Chemical Technology, Matunga, Mumbai- 400019
2Gangamai College of Pharmacy, Nagaon, Dhule
3KYDSCT’s College of Pharmacy, Sakegaon, Jalgaon
*Corresponding Author
DOI No: Not Available

The methanolic extract of Dillenia indica leaves have been reported to possess anti-inflammatory activity. Inflammatory mediators such as prostaglandins and bradykinins are involved in the pathogenesis of diarrhea. The aim of the present work was to evaluate the anti-diarrheal activity of aqueous and methanolic extracts of Dillenia indica leaves. The anti-diarrheal activity was evaluated using Castor oil induced diarrhea model and different parameters such as onset of diarrhea and total number of feaces for the period of 4 hours. were observed. The results of test group were compared with Vehicle control group using one way ANOVA followed by Dunnett’s Test. The results revelaled that both extracts at doses of 200 and 400mg/kg P.O. showed significant (P<0.01) prolongation of onset of diarrhea and significant (P<0.01) reduction in total number of feaces after 2nd hour of treatment while dose of 100mg does not show any activity. From the results it can be concluded that the inhibition of the diarrhea and prolongation of onset might be due to inhibition of inflammatory mediator release and phyto-constituents such as flavonoids and tannins may have also contributed to the anti-diarrheal activity.
Dillenia indica, Dilleniaceae, Castor oil, Aqueous and methanolic extracts
Yeshwante SB, Juvekar AR, Pimprikar RB, Kakade RT, Tabrej M, Kale MK, Firke SD. Anti-Diarrheal Activity of Methanolic and Aqueous Extracts of Dillenia indica L. Research J. Pharmacology and Pharmacodynamics. 2009; 1(3):140-142.
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