Volume No. :   2

Issue No. :  1

Year :  2010

ISSN Print :  0975-4407

ISSN Online :  2321-5836


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Antidiabetic Potential of Root Extract of Momordica cymbalaria, Fenzl in Streptozotocin Induced Diabetic Rats

Address:   KM Modh*1, IS Anand1, B Panigrahi1, CN Patel1, R Badmanaban1 and MV Patel2
1Shri Sarvajanik Pharmacy College, Nr. Arvind Baug, Mehsana - 384 001 Gujarat, INDIA
2Visveswarapura Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences, NA, 24th Main, 25th Cross, BSK Stage II, Bangalore – 560 004 Karnataka, INDIA
*Corresponding Author
DOI No: Not Available

The effect of a aqueous extract of the roots of Momordica cymbalaria Fenzl., (Cucurbitaceae) was evaluated with streptozotocin(65 mg/kg, i.p.) induced diabetic rats. Seventy- two hours after streptozotocin injection, the extract, at doses of 250 and 500 mg/kg, was administered orally for 30 consecutive days. Oral glucose tolerance test (OGTT) and In-vitro peripheral glucose uptake studies were also measured during this course of experiment. The extract was found to be potent antidiabetic as evidenced by significant (p < 0.001) reduction of serum glucose level of diabetic rats on 30th day by both the doses (maximal effect of 45.95% reduction of serum glucose level, at 500 mg/kg, p < 0.001). Results demonstrated a significant reduction of serum lipids (maximal effect of 50.23 and 31.89% reduction of cholesterol and triglyceride, respectively, at 500 mg/kg, p <0.001) and elevation of liver glycogen level (maximal effect at 300 mg/kg, p < 0.05) in diabetic rats, comparable to that of standard antidiabetic glibenclamide at 500 µg/kg, p.o. In OGTT, the extract at different doses showed significant reduction in serum glucose level (p < 0.05) from 30 min. onwards. The extract also revealed increase in In-vitro model for peripheral glucose uptake (not statistically significant). Improvement of body weight profile was also observed in extract-treated diabetic rats.
Momordica cymbalaria; streptozotocin induced diabetes; antihyperglycemic; antidiabetic effect
KM Modh, IS Anand, B Panigrahi, CN Patel, R Badmanaban, MV Patel. Antidiabetic Potential of Root Extract of Momordica cymbalaria, Fenzl in Streptozotocin Induced Diabetic Rats. Research J. Pharmacology and Pharmacodynamics. 2010; 2(1):89-93.
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