Volume No. :   3

Issue No. :  2

Year :  2011

ISSN Print :  0975-4407

ISSN Online :  2321-5836


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New Approaches to Antiretroviral Therapy-Raltigravir

Address:   Ankit H. Merai*, Jasmin S. Mansuri, Sachin B. Narkhede, Anil G. Jadhav.
Smt. B. N. B. Swaminarayan Pharmacy College, Salvav, Vapi.
*Corresponding Author
DOI No: Not Available

AIDS is a disease caused by the retrovirus Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) and is characterized by the profound immunosuppression that leads to the opportunistic infection, secondary neoplasm and neurologic manifestation. The magnitude of this modern plague is truly staggering. By the end of the 2008, more than 190000 causes of ADIS have been reported in the USA, AIDS is a global problem worldwide. AIDS has now been reported from more 193 countries. Here we introduce recent therapies used in the treatment of AIDS, like highly active antiretroviral therapy. Also here we introduce drugs clinical trial like BT378/r and HIV vaccine. Our main focus is to high light an integrase inhibitor-Raltegravir which is a new category of drug. By reviewing Raltegravir’s mechanism, pharmacological parameter we conclude that an integrase inhibitor which is active against retrovirus, found to be more beneficial compare to other currently use drugs, and also be found to be effective against resistive subject and increase their like livelihood.
Integrase inhibitor, Raltegravir.
Ankit H Merai, Jasmin S Mansuri, Sachin B Narkhede, Anil G Jadhav. New Approaches to Antiretroviral Therapy-Raltigravir. Research J. Pharmacology and Pharmacodynamics. 2011; 3(2): 58-66.
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