Volume No. :   5

Issue No. :  1

Year :  2013

ISSN Print :  0975-4407

ISSN Online :  2321-5836


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Epilepsy: A Neurological Cramp

Address:   Parag Jain*, Anand Surana, Ravindra Pandey, Shiv Shankar Shukla
Columbia Institute of Pharmacy, Raipur, Chhattisgarh, India
*Corresponding Author
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Epilepsy a neurological cramp is a diverse set of neurological disorders characterized by seizures, which results from abnormal, excessive hyper synchronous neuronal activity. Nearly 50 million people have epilepsy worldwide and its 90% probability occurs in developing countries. Epilepsy syndromes are not lifelong some forms are confined to particular stages of childhood. The clinical manifestation consists of a sudden and transitory abnormal phenomenon which may include alterations of consciousness, motor, sensory, autonomic or psychic events, perceived by the patient or an observer. Thus, epileptic seizures are a sign of cerebral dysfunction. Over the last decades, there has been considerable progress in the pharmacotherapy of epilepsy, including the introduction of several new antiepileptic drugs (AEDs) and improved formulations of older drugs and newer technologies of diagnosis, prevention and treatment. Searches for epileptic mechanisms are based upon clinical approaches, and the need to know where the epileptic foci are localized. Such localization depends on both EEG and medical imageries. The latter are based upon various mechanisms, and the uptake of glucose analogs represents one of them. In future better understanding of basic mechanisms which leading to epilepsy, thus allowing to create therapies aimed at the prevention of epilepsy in patients at risk; improved understanding of pharmacoresistance mechanism, allowing to develop drugs for reversal or prevention of resistance; and development of disease-modifying therapies, inhibiting the progression of epilepsy.
Neuronal activity, epileptogenesis, seizures, ionic pump, neurotransmitters.
Parag Jain, Anand Surana, Ravindra Pandey, Shiv Shankar Shukla. Epilepsy: A Neurological Cramp. Research J. Pharmacology and Pharmacodynamics. 2013; 5(1): 01-05.
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