Volume No. :   5

Issue No. :  1

Year :  2013

ISSN Print :  0975-4407

ISSN Online :  2321-5836


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A Prospective Study of Mortalities because of Aluminium Phosphide Poisoning

Address:   Thakur Amit K. 1*, Singh Khileswar2 and Masih John1
1Assistant Professor, Medicine, Govt. Medical College, Jagdalpur (Bastar) 494 001, India
2Associate Professor, Medicine, Govt. Medical College, Jagdalpur (Bastar) 494 001, India
*Corresponding Author
DOI No: Not Available

History: Poisoning is one of the commonest mode of suicide. In India, the first case of Aluminium Phosphide Poisoning was reported in 1981 from MGM Medical College, Indore (M.P.) Since then Aluminium Phosphide Poisoning is on rise. Objective: To assess the impact of time elapsed after ingestion of poison and reaching the hospital on mortalities in respect of age, gender and residence of the victim. Material and method: Sixty five cases of Aluminium Phosphide Poisoning of both sexes, 11 and above years of age and their residence area (rural and urban). Observations and discussion: On analysis of the collected data, it has been revealed that 87.69 % cases were from 11 to 40 years of age group which is quite productive age group in all aspects, which is a matter of real concern as it shows that youth are very much frustrated from their life, which can be prevent by providing moral and ethical teaching during schooling. There were 43.07 % male and the remaining 56.92 % females, this is in accordance to the findings of various studies that more proportion of females fall victim of poisoning than their male counter parts.87.69 % deceased were from rural background Out of these only 07.01 % brought to hospital within one hour in comparison to their 37.5 % urban counter parts. Conclusion and recommendations: This may be due to pathetic condition of roads, none or late availability of transport, their illiteracy and ignorance about health and disease including poisoning particularly in rural areas. This poor state of affairs may be changed by judicious use of old or traditional and new, modern or latest technologies and whenever chances arises can co-exist like never before, will be helpful in bringing awareness in the community about various aspects of health and disease including poisoning and there will be increase in the utilization of health facilities which at present under utilize. At present a vicious circle of poverty and illness and illness again will increase poverty and poverty further make the people ill and so on i.e. there is a direct relation between poor health and poverty is in existence, may be broken which is very much necessary to improve the health status of the community which automatically improve the economic status of the community
Awareness, Ignorance, Illiteracy, Co-exist.
Thakur Amit K, Singh Khileswar , Masih John. A Prospective Study of Mortalities because of Aluminium Phosphide Poisoning. Research J. Pharmacology and Pharmacodynamics. 2013; 5(1): 39-43.
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