Author(s): Vandna Dewangan, Ram Kumar Sahu, Trilochan Satapathy


DOI: 10.52711/2321-5836.2022.00041   

Address: Vandna Dewangan*, Ram Kumar Sahu, Trilochan Satapathy
Department of Pharmacology, Columbia Institute of Pharmacy, Near Vidhansabha, Village Tekari, Raipur, (C.G.) India – 493111.
*Corresponding Author

Published In:   Volume - 14,      Issue - 4,     Year - 2022

The direct reporting of adverse drug reactions by patients is becoming an increasingly important topic for discussion in the hospital of Pharmacovigilance. Voluntary adverse drug reaction (ADR) reporting is fundamental to medical drug safety surveillance; however, substantial under-reporting exists and is the main limitation of the system. At this time, hospital accepts consumer reports. The World Health Organization estimates that in 2005 and as well as 2019-2021 pneumococcal infections were responsible for the death of 1.6 million human worldwide. Pneumonia, the lungs become filled with fluid and inflamed, leading to breathing difficulties. For some people, breathing problems can become severe enough to require treatment at the hospital with oxygen or even a ventilator. The pneumonia that COVID-19 causes tends to take hold in both lungs. Moxifloxacin, a fluoroquinolone antibiotic, is used for the treatment of respiratory tract, pelvic inflammatory disease, skin, and intra-abdominal infections. Its safety profile is considered favorable in most reviews but has been challenged with respect to rare but potentially fatal toxicities. The most common adverse drug reaction (ADR) constipation is nausea, vomiting, fatigue, alopecia, drowsiness, myelosuppression, skin reactions, anorexia, mucositis, diarrhoea and Medicines that have been particularly implicated in adverse drug reaction-related hospital admissions include anti-platelets, anticoagulants, cytotoxics, immunosuppressant’s, diuretics, anti-diabetics and antibiotics.

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Vandna Dewangan, Ram Kumar Sahu, Trilochan Satapathy. Incidence of Moxifloxacin serious adverse drug reactions in Pneumococcal infections virus infected patients detected by a Pharmacovigilance program by laboratory signals in a Tertiary hospital in Chhattisgarh (India). Research Journal of Pharmacology and Pharmacodynamics.2022;14(4)237-5. doi: 10.52711/2321-5836.2022.00041

Vandna Dewangan, Ram Kumar Sahu, Trilochan Satapathy. Incidence of Moxifloxacin serious adverse drug reactions in Pneumococcal infections virus infected patients detected by a Pharmacovigilance program by laboratory signals in a Tertiary hospital in Chhattisgarh (India). Research Journal of Pharmacology and Pharmacodynamics.2022;14(4)237-5. doi: 10.52711/2321-5836.2022.00041   Available on:

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